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There are a lot of myths related to hair growth, hair loss and hair removal. For a quick education, see our section on ‘myth busting’.



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Inverted Eyelashes

Champion Laser & Electrolysis provides permanent relief for clients with ingrown eyelashes or unnatural hair growth in the eye area.

Many of the people we treat are victims of injuries which have required skin grafts in the eyelid area, and often this skin has been taken from an area of the body which has hair follicles. The resulting problems with ingrown hairs and hairs which interfere with vision and operation of the eyelid can be extremely uncomfortable and painful.

Champion is well experienced with microscopic electrolysis and has had tremendous success with this procedure. Our facility is equipped with a Zeiss Sterio Microscope capable of 9.6x enlargement, and we employ high sterilization standards with respect for universal precautions.


Private consultations are free of charge with no obligation. References available on request.

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  Good news for people with very light or dark skin! We can work with any skin type.

We can work with any skin type to remove hair permanently

Not all laser equipment can achieve the wave lengths needed to deal with every skin type. and, unlike the experts at Champion Laser & Electrolysis, not all laser technicians have the knowledge and experience to work with lasers safely and effectively for difficult skin types. FIND OUT MORE

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